Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ceiling Hangers in Revit

Most of Ceiling hangers have structures like above picture.
Is there anyone make this on 3D in Revit? I suppose not. If not, there must be several ways to describe this especially in section views.

General Methods

Method1 : Using detail lines- just like what we do in Autocad....
                  Why do you use Revit???

Method2 : Make one hanger with Detail Component and copy or array this in a project..
                 This could be the basic way in Revit. But too much works(copy&array).

Method3 : Using Repeating Detail Component.
                 This could be more convenient. But in some projects, many types required.

Method4 : Make parametric Detail family.
                 It works fine in most projects. But under sloped roofs or slabs?


What I suggest

I tried with custom hatch. With this way, you can fill any shape of ceiling space with ceiling hangers.
(I used hatch22 to make custom ceiling hanger hatch)

Each of methods above has their pros and cons. Just take one that fit to your projects.

Enjoy. :-)