Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Curved Pattern and Mapping

User question: How can I make arched brick lintel in Revit?

Like this one?

Well, at first, making models of each bricks which is straightforward can be tried. Of course, it's not very difficult to make it with array or some other features in Revit. But is it necessary? Then why don't we make model of each bricks for walls??

How about this?

I think this kind of description will be enough in most projects. And this is possible with surface pattern in Revit like this.

Yes, pattern can be bend depend on the shape of the model. Here is another video which shows how pattern goes bend with model shape.

And this principle can be used at image mapping for render like the image below.

Not Mickey Mouse

And here is the last video for someone who still can't understand how to make it.
(This video has English subtitle on it)

Enjoy. :-)