Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stair Landing with Treads.

Here is one of my old tips.

In some projects, space for stairs can't be large enough. Therefore more steps are necessary even at their landings.

General Stair in Revit

If just tread profile lines added at the landing above.. It goes like this

It's not bad, but doesn't look pretty.
So, redraw stair runs three times to make two separated landings. Then we can get stairs like this.
If you are lucky, this could be enough. But if not? This kind of stairs should be necessary.

And this is a solution I found.

There is one thing should be remembered that all of radial treads should have same angles between each other. If not, you can't get proper floors of landings.

I know this is no longer very useful after Revit2013. Because after 2013, it provides the feature of U-Shape & L-Shape Winder of stairs. But I still use this old tip sometimes. I can make even more various shapes with this way.

Enjoy. :-)

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  1. Kim is defnitely one of the greatest elite in Revit application.