Monday, September 9, 2013

Spanish Roof Tiles

As known, we don't have to make in 3d every parts of buildings when use Revit.
We can use 2d elements for documents and it's good enough for construction.

But in some reasons, we have to make highly detailed models sometimes.

Roof tiles are one of them. It's not nessesary in 3d for construction documents. But without medeling, the visual effect can't be like real one.

In fact, I rarely use roof tiles in my projects. I tried this just because of my curiousity.


At my first attempt, I tried with Sloped Glazing-the original feature of Revit2014.
Before try this, I didn't even know about this feature. I rarely design buildings with sloped roof.(most of architects in Korea do.)
I just got to know at one of RevitKid's posts by accident.
Just after I've known this feature. I thought it can help to place roof tiles.
So, I tryied. Watch this.

This seems good. But it has a little(or big) faulty.
Partial roof tiles can't be made with this way. they have to be replaced with system panels when partial ones necessary.
You will see what this means if you try yours or watch the next video.

So, I tryed to find the way fix this.


The problem of Step1 was placing partial tiles.
As known, partial patterns are avalible with Curtain Wall Based families with Pattern.

And we can make Patterns in Adaptive Components.
So I tried, and could get a better result.

Just few people will need these. These families will make your project very heavy and tricky to control.
You can download all of the families I created above here.(ver.2013&2014 avalible)
And you have to use tab key when you use the ridge family to find a proper workplane.(it's a little tricky)

Update for Stephan Hösemann

He asked me how to make an opening on this.
And here is my solution.
Just use inplace-mass instead adaptive family.

Update 29.04.2014

Here is another post about roof tiles.

You can read more explanation and get download link here. CLICK
Update 22.01.2015

Here is another post about roof tiles.(by Dynamo)

Enjoy. :)


  1. is there any way that you can post the RFA files in an earlier version of Revit than 14? would love to use this on a project, and unfortunately cannot open the files. Thanks!

    1. additional files are uploaded for 2013 users.
      use the same link

  2. Hola, Luc. quiero crear con la herramienta muro cortina una pared con un perfil de lamina troquelada a base de wall panel, el muro se crea bien con todo y sus juntas. el problema esta en que al editar el perfil y dejando una inclinacion a la rejilla o vincularlo a un techo, los panes son reemplazados por el glazed default. Me gustaria que mantuviera la altura de cada panel en el punto critico de la inclinacion (al haber editado el perfil del curtain wall) de tal forma que queden laminas con la altura escalonada sucesivamente con la pendiente, a como seria en la realidad. Gracias.

    1. I tried to understand with google translator but i'm not sure what you mean. Sorry. use English(or Korean) please. And with some sketches or images, it must be better to understand.

  3. I cannot open the download link. Is there a way you could send it to me?

  4. Hello! Hyunwoo Kim
    how to make Spanish tiles with 6 points or 8 points?
    Thanks for your help.
    I'm Angelo, residing in Portugal

  5. It's possible to make it to have more points, but I recommand to use conceptual mass with pattern in that case.

  6. hello, good job I'll take the roof. but I have a question, as I can make a wall cabana forest, smooth on one side and on the other side half a block of wood against the wall from the bottom up, I tried to do it with a compound wall but I have very strange.
      thanks for your work ..

    1. I'm not sure I understood, but if you want to make a kind of rog walls, you can try with reveal(or sweep) at walls.

  7. Hi,

    I appreciate the Step 1 and Step 2 tutorial videos, however no mention is made on how to actually make the tiles or place them individually (or in an array) on the roof. Instead the videos are showing how to take a pre-made customized tiled roof and/or slab and arrange it on an empty roof.

    With that said, I would be grateful if someone could point me to a video tutorial (or at least a moderately thorough explanation) that shows me how to make the actual tiles and ridges and secondly how to get Rivet to let me place them on the roof (perhaps an array?)

    Please let me know!

    Thank you!


    1. I used Grid & Pattern for placing tiles, and used Divide Path for placing ridge.
      I already published the families I developed, what else do you need?
      Just dig it. They contain all explanations on it.

  8. The published families are in a Microsoft word encoding format? How am I supposed to use that?

    1. I think you did something wrong.
      the files are all revit family format.

  9. yes all filew have revit 2013 version, except the spanish roof tile itself >< please could u post a revit 2013 version of the spanish roof tile? at the moment it is 2014 version

  10. Hi there!! i cant see the video

    1. YouTube may be blocked in your country.(China?) Sorry.

  11. Hi, HyunWoo, I'm so grateful that you shared your great experience here, thank you very much!

  12. what if there is a multi-point on roof not only 4-points?

    1. then, you'd better use conceptual mass method.

  13. im just using revit for 2 weeks and a came to this.
    how about a combination of a gable roof & hip roof that makes a multi point roof.

    1. most of what you imagine are possible. but i can't make families for each cases. I believe that the families which I published can cover most cases.
      Enjoy. ;-)

  14. This is awesome.But i can't change color of the roof tiles.
    plzzz help me......

    1. There must be someone around you who can help you. That's one of the basics in Revit.

  15. Hi,

    this family is brilliant;

    1. can you show/teach me how you made it?

    2. Ive got a problem with it too.. when i create my spanish tiled roofing, it looks perfect in the 3D views, but when i render, it shows the tiled uncut. So they overlap where they intersect.. Where in the 3D views before the render this was not shown and when i go back into my project, i cannot see the overlapping tiles. But they are shown in the render, which looks weird.
    I want to add this render in this blog but it doesnt let me..

    Do you know what I mean?

    Can you help me?


    1. 1. Just as it looks. There is nothing to teach.(you can reverse engineer it)
      2. There could be some weird errors when you use the families. some from original Revit bugs, or some from the family itself. Actually, I've never used the families in my own projects.(I don't have any roof-tile building projects) Like I said at the post, I created it just because of my curiosity.
      You can upload your image to any cloud storage and give me the link.(if you don't want to show it in public, you can use message system at upper left corner of my blog) I'll see what I can do if you show me the image. I'm not sure whether there is any though.

  16. Hey!That download link let me download the cone roof tile file but how do I get to download the family for the other sloped roof that you had shown in the first video?Please post the link here again, if there is any.Anticipating your reply.Thank You.

  17. Hey, I can not see where the download link is ..