Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Curved Curtain Wall

User question: How can I make glaze and mullion curved in curtain wall?

Actually, it's not very often to have an opportunity to use curved glass in real projects. It's quite expensive. But it is possible to make in real world, so it should be possible in Revit.

As known, basic system panel  or mullion can't be bend in Revit. 

And here is a solution.

Make a wall type which has glass material and a sweep for transom, then use it for curtain wall panel.

I think it's one of well known tricks, but for those who don't know yet..

You can download the file above to save your time


  1. wow
    great job , and you are great.
    thanks to you.

  2. sorry just wanna ask revit 2013 have this function or not?

  3. Hello

    ive been following your work and i came to a point where i got stuck cause i have a missing feature called curved curtain wall. Where i can find it? Or how to enable it. Or is it a file i should download? please send it to me or direct me to a link.


    1. You don't have to download anything. just make a glass type wall and use it as panel of curved curtain wall type.

    2. hello,

      thank you for the reply.

      Please im looking for this type of wall named curved curtain wall. its not showing on the list.

      this list:

      I followed everything you mentioned on the video but i couldnt find it. that curved curtain wall.

      it is possible to send it to me because i am stuck in this part.


    3. just use any of them. the important thing is panel type, not curtain wall type.