Thursday, September 26, 2013

Adaptive Symbol

As known, annotation tags in Revit can show information of families. But Symbols can't.

In the picture above, level tags show levels automatically, but it does'n happen in section symbols. It could make some documents incorrect. Of course it's been happening when we use Autocad. But in Revit? I expect it shouldn't be.

So I developed a symbol family which can follow the model and make correction automatically.

1. I Made a face-based family which includes a detail item.
A rectangle Model Line above is not necessary. It's just for help to understand.
Included Detail Item has parameter for height and wide. Sync them with the parameters of face-based family.

2. Making adaptive family.

This family has three adaptive points and two ref. lines. And place the face-based family at the workplanes of the points on the ref. lines like the picture above. And make a reporting parameter which shows vertical distance between adaptive point #1 and #3.
And add another parameter that connected with the height of imported family.

I used two of the imported family for the cases of right-up & left-up.

At 3d view, you can see only model line rectangles but Detail Items. But in a plan view, you can see them all. I don't think I have to explain why.

When line #1-#2 horizontal

When line #2-#3 horizontal

Watch how this works and how to make it.

This family has some differences comparing with other normal symbols. Basically, This is a 3d adaptive model. So this shown in any duplicated plan views unless hide it or use visibility options. And If you want the family, just get it.

Enjoy. :-)

 MAY 27, 2014
If you want to use it for elevation view, use this one.


  1. this is a great idea except I can't make it work on interior elevations. Have you tried to use it to annotate niches depth on interior elevations? does this only work on plan? Thanks for your hard work and sharing

    1. theoretically, it must be possible if the orientations of adaptive points be set 'by host reference', but turns out makes error.. I'll try to find a way to make it possible some other time..

    2. New family uploaded for you.
      Enjoy. ;-)

    3. Hi Kim:
      WELL DONE !!. I have spoken to people in my office previously and they suggested what you ahve done was not possible. How wrong they were. I have watched your youtube video a number of times now but am still unable to make the Adaptive Level Section Symbol work. Is it possible to get the family so that I can use it/ look at how it works? Thanks, Nathan Watt

  2. Hey Hyunwoo, I was referred to your youtube page by a friend and I love it.
    Where can we download this family?

  3. never mind got it ;) Thanks a lot!!