Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Roof Tile for Cone Roof

Once I published "Adaptive Roof Tiles", and still it's the most popular post in my blog.
I got several requests and questions about the families. This is one of them.

Mission: How to make roof tiles on cone roof?

Like this?

The families which I published are not suitable on a cone roof. The tiles have to be transformed depends on their location.
the higher the narrower

the lower the wider

And two different shaped tiles are necessary; cap tile and pan tile.

stack concept

After making two tiles, place these at rectangle pattern.

it seems weird but... 

it will be like this...

To make it an adaptive family, I created a 2-point adaptive cone family.

Three circles are used to make two layered faces.

And created UV grid on the surface

Some formulas are used to make number of grid of the bottom surface two times more than one of upper surface.

Finally, just applied the pattern which I created above.


And here is how it works.

You can download the families above here..

Enjoy. ;-)


  1. thank you for sharing the videos and illustrations on tile roof.
    I try to find your tile download link but cannot find it.
    Can you share or point me to the download link for download the tile family? Thank you

  2. it Can't make type "Adaptive_cone_roof"

  3. 다이나모는 다운받았는데 기와 패밀리는 찾을수가 없어 글을 남깁니다. 제가 영어에 좀 약해요

    1. 이 포스트는 다이나모랑은 무관한데요...그냥 맨 아래 링크 가시면 기와 패밀리가 있습니다.

  4. I try to find your tile download link but cannot find it.

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