Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making use of Curtain Wall

A user in Korean forum asked me how to make stud frame for drywall with Revit. I've never thought about it. I prefer make my model simple.

Isn't it look like mullions?

So, I tried and it worked very well.

And railing can be another option, but it must be harder if any openings necessary.
I know there are some add-on for this kind of works, but I don't think they are necessary in most cases

You can make all kinds of framing with Curtain Wall tool in Revit. Don't let tool's name deceive you.

Enjoy. :-)


  1. Hi Kim!
    First of all I'd like to thank you for the awesome video tutorials! They've been very helpfull.
    I saw this tutorial and tried to replicate it, but I couldn't make a curved curtain wall. Could explain me how to do it?
    Greetings from Brazil!!

    1. You have to make the curtain wall type which has vertical grids. Curtain wall can't be curved without vertical grids. I'm not sure, but i suppose this is the problem you have.