Monday, February 3, 2014

Misusing Revit?

Here is one of my favorite movies.

In the movie, they escaped from Shawshank with some tools like this.

The book was also not used for reading.

I believe this small hammer is definitely not made for escaping from prison. But it worked quite well. Of course, there is nothing like the tool for jailbreak(not for iPhone).

So, it can be said, they escaped by "Misusing" the hammer. But, I'd like to say, they got redemption by taking advantage of the hammer.

And, here is one of my practices.

If you are in architecture business, you may have made this kind of contour model at least in college. And may experienced to hesitate to choose the thickness of contour material when the model has odd scale for some reason; like 1/400, 1/180... Because thicknesses of the material are limited.e.g. foam board.

After knowing Revit, contour line can be redefined with any increments, and this can be used for contour models in any odd scales.

I've been using various tools including Revit in my work; Architecture. And I always try to take full advantage of them. If someone say it "misusing", I want to say, sometimes a misusing makes impossible possible.

Enjoy. :-)

P.S. The contour model photo above is actually a rendering from SketchUp. I made it to imitate real model for some reason. Yes, I Misused SketchUp.

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