Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dealing withTopography in Dynamo

Topography geometry is different from most of others in Revit. It is not a surface or solid but Mesh. That's why it behaves a bit weird in Revit.(eg. Can't attach AC families at)

It's better to be converted to make use of it in Dynamo.

It's more like imitating than converting. Gather information from topo mesh, and create a Polysurface which has the same shape from it.

Above will give you a Polysurface from given Topography.

If you want to make your Dynamo graph simpler, use bottom.

After convert it, you can do a lot of things with it.

These are my Dynamo practices involved with Revit Topography.

1. Cut Volume Generator

I know cut volume can be reported by using Graded Region. My dyn generates a cut volume as a 3D geometry with 45 degree cut slope automatically from topography which has several pads.

2. Model Line To Contour

It makes Topography from selected model lines which are at the same level.
I've been imagined this feature should be included as one of original features in Revit. And I have one.:)

3. Contour Smoother

Maybe, it's not a new feature if you have the new site-tool of Revit 2015.

You can download above definitions as usual.

Enjoy. :)


  1. Hi HyunWoo , thak you so much for this blog it realy helps a lot! Just have one simple question: Did you run a python script to make "Topo to Polysurface" or there´s another way to do it?

  2. oh, thanks for answer, the issue is that seems like "TopoToPolysurface" Node, doesnt work for me :/
    is there some code i have to write or edit?

  3. Hi, for the "Cut Volume Generator", how would you change it to a slope different to 45 degrees?

  4. List.Transpose({a,b,c}) not work revit 2020

    1. use ([a,b,c]) instead ({a,b,c})
      syntax changed in recent version of Dynamo.

  5. May I use this script for Void cut?

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  7. There's an error in the code block when I try to use the Contour Smoother.


  8. Hey! Is it compatible with revit 2023?