Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Text String Value in Formula

As it is known that string value can't be used for results of  formulas. It means...

At the family above, if the TYPE should be..

if A < B,  TYPE = X
if A > B,  TYPE = Y
if A = B,  TYPE = Z

A formula can be make as follow, if string can be used with "".

TYPE =  if(A=B,"Z",(if(A>B,"Y","X")))

But, unfortunately it's not possible in Revit yet. So TYPE must typed in manually. It's annoying and this can make some documents incorrect. (I really don't like to spend time to check errors in documents)

Oh, it was POSSIBLE.. Forget about the following. lol.

And here is a solution I found.

Just make more parameters as many as results you want, then use them for formula.

You don't have to make many types of a family and worry about errors in schedule any more with this method.

Enjoy. :)


  1. great idea.
    can it be used to schedule door swing types (left, right)

  2. Hi Kim,
    any reason not to use this formula?
    See link:


    1. It doesn't work for me(and most users). It's great if it was possible. I'll try it again some other time. Thanks

    2. it's possible. Why did i failed last time?????
      I edited the post. lol.

  3. Hi Kim,

    I was inspired by this and created my own family from your formula.Thanks