Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rev It Go~

Few weeks ago, I saw this movie. "Frozen"

You know, it was just awesome. (except the poor character, Hans)
Colors , textures, design, and the songs...

Most people may think that the highlight of this movie is the scene with the song 'Let it go'.

If you didn't watch yet, here it is.

Do you see the ice stair with ice railing?

This railing design is used for every railings in her ice castle.

I felt it's quite pretty and practical(except the material; ice). So I tried to make this with Revit.
Let's see the baluster structure.

I found two different balusters are necessary. "Y"shape and "V"shape.

For making the Y baluster, I simply created an extrusion.

It must be much easier with Sweep, but Extrusion is more effective for 'Ice Edges'.
I used six Ref. lines to make constraint this shape to align to slope angle of stairs. And the 'Top Cut Angle' parameter used.

And you can see the balusters are a little leaned, not vertical. Like this picture.

So, I added a void sweep which follows slope for it.
And a parameter was given as a distance to control lean angle.

These two solid & void extrusion made a Y baluster which has multiple complicated ice edges and lean angle, and can follow slope of stairs.

Another baluster; V shaped one was an easy work. Just erased vertical part from Y baluster.

There was one more.

The rail ends have spiral shape like above.
Of course rail path can be modified in projects, but it doesn't work when the plan of railing is curved like above picture.

To solve this problem, I made another baluster which has only spiral railing, not balusters.
I could make it at a baluster template directly, but I made spiral part first at face based template, and placed it at the end face of a straight sweep which follows Top Cut Angle. It makes much easier to make this solid spiral part follow the slope of railing.

Finally, I assembled these families at a project as one 'Frozen' type railing.

And here is the result of my work.

Rev It Go!!!

You can download the families here.

Enjoy. ;-)