Friday, July 4, 2014

MultiScale Documents

As known, various documents are required for construction. And they have quite different styles for each countries.

Have you ever heard Column Coordination Plan? (I'm not sure it's the right naming in English)

The above image is part of it.
For locating RC columns, make columns size double up and measure them on original grid plan. For this kind of documents, dimensions for size of columns must show 2x size than original dimensions which are between grids. For example, columns at a plan of 1:100 scale show in 1:50 scale.
 Here in Korea, it is believed that this document is necessary to place RC columns at correct location.

It's not very difficult to draw it with AUTOCAD, But in Revit? It can be an annoying work. Once I tried with Call-out feature. Make Call-out views as many as columns and overlap them with a grid plan at a sheet. It makes sense and worked well, but it was not very efficient. So many Call-out views made work slow and drove me crazy!!!

So here is another way I found.

1. Make 1/2 grids with Ref. lines at a legend view. 
2. Place columns just like original plan.
3. Mix it with original grid plan at a sheet.

I know it can't follow automatically if the original plan is changed, but I believe it must be helpful if you need this kind of documents.

Enjoy. ;-)

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