Thursday, September 4, 2014

Associate Profile Parameters with Sweep

Someone says, nesting family is not a very good option. But I disagree with it.
Nesting family can make families more convenient and easy to create, control and modify. It saves my time.

Once, I've tried to make a sweep family.  It had parameters which can control the parameters of nested profile family. I gave some instance parameters at the profile family as usual, and tried to connect them to the parameters of the sweep family. But the parameter window didn't show enough information of the nested profile family. it was unusual.
Where are my Parameters????

Only information I could see when I select the profile was like above. They were not about parameters of the profile but about ref plane of the sweep.(and only the name of the profile)

After struggling a bit, I could find the way to see the parameters of the profile.Just with double clicking the name of the profile type in Project Browser.

Where are my Instance Parameters??????

But, it was not about instance parameters, but ones of type. Usually, when parameters in nested family has to be associated with parent family parameters, they are preferred to be instance parameter.

Anyway, I changed the parameter to type, then..


I could see the parameter and a button to associate it as well.

Of course, it can be associated not only with type parameters but also instance ones in the parent family.
Weird, but true.

Enjoy. :-)

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