Thursday, March 5, 2015


I know you must say that,

"Again?? Helix?? WTF!!! Change your blog title as Enjoy Helix, U idiot!!"

If you can't get what I'm saying, please read some of my old posts first later.
2.Helix Again

I just can't help myself doing this useless stuff, AGAIN!!. But it's true that I've learned lots of useful things while I've been doing something useless.

Original Helix in Dynamo

It was a great news for me that there is an easy way to make a helix in Dynamo. Helix.ByAxis is the one as below.

But, there is no limit to people's my greed.

Watch what I created.

What's the differences from the original Helix node in Dynamo?

1. This node creates a helix which can follow given curve as a core path,
   what ever ridiculous curve you choose. (you can make helix@helix@helix@.....)
2. Start & End points can be assigned by parameters.
3. Radius of Start & End can be assigned differently from each other.
   So, it can give you a flat spiral as well.

You can find it from Online Package Search. Yes, I published my original node as a package for the first time, YAY!!!

Just search "HelixAtCurve"

Enjoy. :)


  1. Awesome! It is actually pretty useful to me. I wanted to plot the path of a spinning extruder with multiple heads. This is a good starting point for me.