Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm starting Blogger in English

I have my blog with Korean  already.
But I realized that there're a lot more people interested in Revit besides Korea.

This is the graph of my YouTube chanel which shows number of views are dramatically increasing besides Korea.

I've been already using English in YouTube for just in case, but some viewers complain about lack of voice over in my videos. Actually, it wasn't necessary because I wrote all the explanations on my Korean blog already.

However, like i said, there are many people who can't understand Korean language.

That's why I start this Blogger in English even though I'm not comfortable at using English at all.
Ofcourse, there is a translater of Google, but it sucks especially when it translates between Korean & English. My 8 years old son can do the job better I suppose.:)

I'm not sure how long or how far this will go.
But there is a proverb.

"The beginning is half of whole"


  1. Very nice posts, man! Hope to hear more from you soon! Greetings from Brazil!