Thursday, October 10, 2013

Curved Insulation

Few days ago, I've got to see a question about curved  insulation at RevitCity. I've never thought this kind of families are necessary before. I just answered the way I made curved frame can be used. It was just an idea, not tested.

So I tried to make one.


At my 1st attempt, i just made a simple detail and arrayed it.

Of course, I gave some parameters to make it enable to control radius, angle and thickness.

This can be used as it is in projects just as a detail component, but I loaded it to adaptive curved wall in advance. Now this can make curved wall shape that contains insulation  in projects 

Step 2.

Step 1 was not very difficult to make, but I can't be satisfied. See these pictures.

It's not difficult to find what made me couldn't stop this misson.

So, I had to make another detail component from the very beginning to avoid making gaps, 

And even more complicated formulas were necessary to control two different radius of detail line depend on width and main radius.(I hate math you know.)

After making this family, rest of the process was quite easy. (Exactly the same as Step 1.) And the result was perfect.

And I also added a parameter to control insulation ratio just like straight insulation of original feature of Revit.

See how this works.

I expect Revit to provide curved insulation as original feature soon or later. Or, I hope to get insulation as hatch instantly. Adding 2d detail is just annoying. 
Until then, I will probably use this.  Oh, of course you can also use it.

Enjoy. :-)

try it  


  1. Oh, you again.:D
    I think i have to give u an
    Enjoy. :)

  2. hi i'm an architecture student,
    do you think that is possible to create a wall system that have already inside the batt insulation?
    thank you

    1. This is what i've tried to solve the problem.

  3. Love the guide!
    Tried to do it myself and having some trouble getting it working.
    You don't by any chance have a file to reverse engineer to understand where I'm possibly going wrong?