Sunday, June 13, 2021

Why Can't I Use Curved Insulation in Revit yet?

 If you are one of my old subscribers, you may remember one of my old posts which is about Curved Insulation in Revit.  It's 8 years ago and Revit still doesn't provide curved insulation... Really? It's 2021, Musk is going to Mars!!

My last insulation family was not bad but not good enough either. This time, I created a Dynamo graph for the same job.  And it's more convenient and better than basic insulation tool in some ways.

Is this what you imagine? See below if yes.

I created two different Dynamo graph.

1st.  Using Arcs and Straight Lines.

 It's created by my traditional method, Math.

This is just a part of the graph.

It works quite well, but I found a small faulty on this.

Looks fine.. But.

It can't generate an insulation which has small Width Ratio(wide insulation interval) like below picture. 

Basic Revit Insulation. Width Ratio=1

2nd. Using NurbsCurve.

As you can see above picture, curve of Insulation in Revit is not arc&line but NurbsCurve which can be drawn with Spline tool. So I reverse-engineered insulation of Revit and got some rules to imitate it.
11 points are necessary to imitate a half unit of insulation at least

By cycling above points, I could get fine insulation for curves by Dynamo as below.
Can you find where is the original Insulation?

And More..

There is another inconvenience of Revit insulation. It creates insulation by unit, so it's hard to adjust both ends to fill all wall section. 

Revit Insulation.. it's hard to fill wall section(or plan) completely.

So I made my dyn to find nearest ratio and automatically adjust to fill completely from given ratio.

Automatic Ratio Adjust from my dyn. 
Yes, it works for not only curve but also straight line.

Here is a short video, you can watch how it works.

In most cases, the insulation tool of Revit should be enough, but for those who need more...

You can create your own dyn or just use mine for a coffee.

Enjoy :)

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