Dynamo Custom Nodes by EnjoyRevit

RegularPolyhedron 0.7.5

Create each five types of regular polygedrons at once. (credit post)

Create a dual-polyhedron from given regular or semi-regular polyhedrons. (credit post)

TriFacePolyhedron 0.7.5

Return a polyhedron with all triangle faces from suplied regular or semi-regular polyhedron.
(credit post)

IndicesOf 0.7.5

Return indices of multiple matching items from supplied list while the original node returns only first one.

Curve.Merge 0.7.5

Merge overlapped curves to unique ones. 

Geometry.SplitMulti 0.7.5

Split a geometry by multiple tools at once, even if the order of tools is not organized.

HelixAtCurve 0.7.5

Create a helix curve following suplied curve as it's core path. It can generate a flat spiral as well.
(credit post)

Vertex Separator 0.7.5

Return both lists of valley & mountain vertex as points from supplied closed PolyCurve.
(credit post)

IsLine 0.7.5

Distinguish whether supplied curve is straight line or not. Return true if it is a line.

RegularStar 0.7.5

Create a regular star shaped PolyCurve. Keep in mind that a star should have more than 5 mountain vertexes. (credit post)

ChainList 0.7.5

Create chained sublists from a list. It's useful when you want to create separated curves or surfaces from a continuous list of points or curves.

CurvesToPolyCurve 0.7.5

Create PolyCurve if there are chained curves. Leave curves if there is no chained one with. Return a list contains both curves. I created this because the original node, PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves works only for a list with all-chained curves.

TopoToPolySurface 0.7.5

Created a PolySurface from given topography of Revit. (credit post)


  1. por favor disponibilize o (LIST.GETITEMATINDEX)

  2. Hey, it is possible for you to upload the file again? such an amazing work and i would like to learn from it

  3. it is possible for you to upload the file again? amazing work and
    I would like to learn from it!